New Single - "Houston"

a note from brandon

      Cancer is devastating. I'm not sure how sure how to begin talking about this song. For a long time, this song represented an exposed nerve. Its words were a sort of transport back to a time of tremendous uncertainty, pain, and found strength. It's a song born of necessity. The necessity to exercise suppressed feelings that would have seen me undone had I given in to them.

      I hadn't seen my father for almost three months when my wife and I arrived at MD Anderson in Houston in December 2016. His second bout with cancer had proven to be far more complicated than the first. Daily phone calls from my Mother had served to both keep me informed and keep the both of us level-headed. Seeing him was startling. To this point, nothing had ever shaken the boyhood image I had of my father. Larger than life, unshakeable, tough as nails. As I write this, I still know these things to be true, however, for the first time I faced being the predominate male figure of our family. Sitting here now, a father of two beautiful baby girls, It's clear that I was receiving a crash course of invaluable lessons.

     I cannot give the Doctors and staff at MD Anderson enough credit for the care my father received, however, my Mother deserves as much praise. She tirelessly cared for him, double checking every Doctor's order, making sure that the progress made would not be undone by the smallest oversight. When my wife and I arrived home, I returned to my parents' house where I'd been living for the last several months caring for the family dog and making myself useful to them in any way I could from afar. Lying in bed one night the lyrics to this song began to run through my mind. I was hesitant to write this song as I didn't want to exploit my father's pain.

    Cancer is devastating. The statistics tell me that enough of you out there are well aware of this fact. This song is for my Mother and Father, and for everyone who is fighting and has ever battled against it. My heart is with you. All proceeds from this song will be donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Please help me to make as big an impact as possible for those who have and are suffering by sharing this song with your friends and family. All proceeds to be donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center. 



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